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Coach Bos

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Let me present to you Coach! His method of teaching is unique and efficient. You will immediately recognize his intelligence and education when you will meet him and you will also see the tamed beast hiding inside of him.

Coach Bos is always calm and patient, and he will show you the path through your martial art journey. His background is multi-skilled as he has competed and is still active with multiple styles of fighting. He was first a cage fighter from the famous Bangkok fight club, before to pursue his martial art training to the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style of Professor Adam Shahir Kayoom. He then collected many victories and medals through Thailand grappling scene and even reached Thai MMA lightweight champion at OneShinCup. Now you can find him fighting Muay Thai as the main event of many promotions and it doesn’t matter the style, doesn’t matter the size … Coach Bos is always looking for a new challenge and he’s now looking for you! … looking after you! He’s here to help you achieve your goals and fight your demons. 

What are you waiting for?